Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We gain more

Well I read today that a Democratic Blog is going by the wayside. YUP, one Dem (Obama supporter) forced another Dem (Hillary supporter maybe) to close his blog by complaining to typepad the host of the blog! Wow how lucky for us. We now have less competition and a much better chance to win in November because they are really fighting among themselves. I wonder if Obama's Campaign is really pleased with themselves. Do they really want to eliminate the competition that bad they will stoop to these levels? Look out John (McCain) you may be their next target. One John down another to try to get to. That sounds like a real ring to me!


One Nasty Beast said...

What? Is It Possible?

John Morgan is bidding farewell to the netroots. He is throwing a snit, hoisting his pocketbook over his shoulder and shuffling off into the sunset.

Despite his claim to purveying information, his blogs were, in the end, all about John. Everything was always on display: his real or imagined hurts, his sicknesses, his diary of his daily, uneventful life, down to, in apparent disregard of his alleged "disability," hauling his kayak down to Blue Marsh Lake and lanquidly paddling among the overhanging trees while most of the rest of us worked for a living.

Most of the blog he devoted to lies, half-truths, libels, and nonsense about those who were actually taking an effective role in the political process.

Good by, John. May the likes of you never be seen again. Don't let the door hit your capacious gluteus maximus on the way out.

PA progressive said...

I'm not throwing a snit, Carol Wentz threw a snit. My provider has said using anyone's name without their permission is a violation of their terms of service.

It isn't possible to write under those terms.

If I continue blogging I must start anew with a new service provider for the blog. The alternatives do not allow for two blogs so the local blog is biting the dust. That existed because it didn't cost extra to add. The new options do not provide for a second blog so there won't be a second, local blog. This is an economic reality, I can only afford to pay for one along with the other costs like site traffic reporting, graphics storage, etc.

I'm surprised Beast is constantly calling me fat then criticizing me for exercising. Make up your mind.

One Nasty Beast said...

'Make up your mind."

I have. You are faking a disability, and you are fat because you think that paddling a kayak constitutes exercise. I wonder how it stays afloat?