Sunday, April 20, 2008

Commenter Amazing

I had a comment regarding my last post that was glad a blogger is "going away". It amazes me that "one nasty beast" has time to read this blog. Well I say it doesn't matter that the blogger does or doesn't go away because from my sources his leaving doesn't stop the infighting. Any infighting helps us in November and the Dems lose. That of course is the bottom line. What the parties do about their members that are trying to make change remains a party thing. We have them too and in Berks County "those kind" are not received well. I have seen some of the Obama and Clinton supporters getting it on as well as working together. We of course don't have that issue as our candidate has been chosen!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We gain more

Well I read today that a Democratic Blog is going by the wayside. YUP, one Dem (Obama supporter) forced another Dem (Hillary supporter maybe) to close his blog by complaining to typepad the host of the blog! Wow how lucky for us. We now have less competition and a much better chance to win in November because they are really fighting among themselves. I wonder if Obama's Campaign is really pleased with themselves. Do they really want to eliminate the competition that bad they will stoop to these levels? Look out John (McCain) you may be their next target. One John down another to try to get to. That sounds like a real ring to me!

Monday, April 7, 2008

McCain's Gain

I have been reading blogs again today and find it interesting that again the Dems are fighting among themselves. They are "slashing tires" of other Dems because they don't agree with blog coverage. At least that is what one blog owner believes. They are threatening not to cover "both" campaigns because of the threat. I believe that while the blog owner is correct in his assessment of who probably did the slashing he should not take out on the CANDIDATE what some of his nutty supporters may have done. First is there proof? NO just belief that these people did it! So again until there is proof both campaigns need to be covered for the PEOPLE of PENNSYLVANIA. BUT THE BEST PART OF THIS IS THE GAIN FOR MCCAIN! Democratic infighting bodes well for the McCain Campaign!