Sunday, April 20, 2008

Commenter Amazing

I had a comment regarding my last post that was glad a blogger is "going away". It amazes me that "one nasty beast" has time to read this blog. Well I say it doesn't matter that the blogger does or doesn't go away because from my sources his leaving doesn't stop the infighting. Any infighting helps us in November and the Dems lose. That of course is the bottom line. What the parties do about their members that are trying to make change remains a party thing. We have them too and in Berks County "those kind" are not received well. I have seen some of the Obama and Clinton supporters getting it on as well as working together. We of course don't have that issue as our candidate has been chosen!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We gain more

Well I read today that a Democratic Blog is going by the wayside. YUP, one Dem (Obama supporter) forced another Dem (Hillary supporter maybe) to close his blog by complaining to typepad the host of the blog! Wow how lucky for us. We now have less competition and a much better chance to win in November because they are really fighting among themselves. I wonder if Obama's Campaign is really pleased with themselves. Do they really want to eliminate the competition that bad they will stoop to these levels? Look out John (McCain) you may be their next target. One John down another to try to get to. That sounds like a real ring to me!

Monday, April 7, 2008

McCain's Gain

I have been reading blogs again today and find it interesting that again the Dems are fighting among themselves. They are "slashing tires" of other Dems because they don't agree with blog coverage. At least that is what one blog owner believes. They are threatening not to cover "both" campaigns because of the threat. I believe that while the blog owner is correct in his assessment of who probably did the slashing he should not take out on the CANDIDATE what some of his nutty supporters may have done. First is there proof? NO just belief that these people did it! So again until there is proof both campaigns need to be covered for the PEOPLE of PENNSYLVANIA. BUT THE BEST PART OF THIS IS THE GAIN FOR MCCAIN! Democratic infighting bodes well for the McCain Campaign!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Progressive Dems

It has come to my attention that there are some progressive Democrats out there that are just plain crazy. OOOOPS, I am sorry as that is not politically correct. But don't they understand the reality of the universe. I am in the enviable position of being a Repub and right now am sure glad I am not in some Dems shoes. Those shoes have to be sticking to the floor with all the sh*t that is flying around about bloggin for one Presidential candidate vs the other. HEY folks wake up and smell the coffee. The candidates themselves are BOTH saying don't do what you are doing. You have to "fight nice" if you are going to fight at all because whichever one of those "guys" wins has to make nice with the other camp if you want to keep my guy out of the White House. Now with that said fight as dirty as you want cause otherwise I don't believe my guy has a snowballs chance in He**.

GOOD LUCK AND GOOD FIGHT may the best idiot win!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blog in Fighting

Well word is out on the street that a local blogger is "being paid" to publish things about the Clinton campaign. This has caused quite a stir as this blogger can now not be considered neutral as previously talked about. But the real benefit readers is again the other party has some infighting going on! This bodes well for us and our winning the state in the general election. They can't win if they can't come together on a candidate. You have a big grassroots effort for "him" (Obama) and "big backers" for her (Clinton) including the gov and a big city mayor. However, we are off and running as McCain can start to punch holes in the "Democratic" platform if you will. Let's have some more fun watching the Dems fight among themselves and even the fact that these blogs (the old and the new) may even do battle for "hits".

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not much new

Just as there seems to be lots happening on the other side in the Presidential race there is little happening locally unless the Fuhs thig is news. Well I guess it is if another post I read is really true but who knows!

BTW I have learned that SD is really CS's writings!

It will be interesting to watch the primaries! Presidential and all!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yes Yes Yes

Yes, I know its been a month but business has kept me busy and making money is more important than stirring sh**. Sorry that wasn't nice and I apologize before anyone calls me on it. Lets see where am I going with this. Not very far as I am just watching to see how some of the newly elected people behave! I think my buddy will do well in the Sheriff's office and our new majority in the commissioners offices will be helpful. Let's watch together and see and let me know what you think.