Sunday, April 20, 2008

Commenter Amazing

I had a comment regarding my last post that was glad a blogger is "going away". It amazes me that "one nasty beast" has time to read this blog. Well I say it doesn't matter that the blogger does or doesn't go away because from my sources his leaving doesn't stop the infighting. Any infighting helps us in November and the Dems lose. That of course is the bottom line. What the parties do about their members that are trying to make change remains a party thing. We have them too and in Berks County "those kind" are not received well. I have seen some of the Obama and Clinton supporters getting it on as well as working together. We of course don't have that issue as our candidate has been chosen!


One Nasty Beast said...

Why do you assume I'm a Democrat? And why do you assume everyone who reads this is stupid enough to think that you're really a Republican?

ExecBoardChair said...

I don't believe I said anything about you and what says I am not Republican? You are the one callin' people stupid!

One Nasty Beast said...

Morgan's paranoia increases

As one who regularly monitors Morgan's Pennsylvania Progressive for signs of his increasing dementia, I spotted this bit.

A regular debunker of Morgan's "bunk," Truth had been banned from Morgan's old blog as had I. It seems that Truth has now spawned "Son of Truth." Apparently, in keeping with Morgan's dedication to the First Amendment, Morgan has banned both the "Truth" and it's son. We welcome both Truth and Son of Truth to this blog, as we do Silence Dogood, someone else who has Morgan's number.

Consequently, when Son of Truth, who is apparently a Republican, tried to point out that any operation on the brain of Ted Kennedy, long a member of the lunatic fringe of my party, was an experiment in "microsurgery," John banned him or her. As we all know, John is allowed to slander and libel others, but a comment, obviously meant as satire is not permitted on his site.

The below appeared on John's website:

Son of Truth
is One Nasty Beast trying to circumvent ethics by registering with a separate name. ONB was banned for falsely accusing me of criminal fraud and stealing my copyrighted material and using it without permission, something very actionable.

Blog Owner


by: John Morgan @ Tue Jun 03, 2008 at 14:44:41 PM CDT

John says that I was banned for pointing out that John seems to keep a pretty active schedule for one who is "disabled." After all, John has turned slander and libel into a fulltime job, so he, of course, has no time for earning an honest living. And all I can say is that if John wants to bring an action for theft of copyrighted material, all I can say is "bring it on," fat boy.